Cape Verde during IARU R1 50Mhz contest on June 20-21

50Mhz Contest from Cape Verde, D4C station

The Monteverde Contest Team D4C, will take part to IARU R1 50Mhz contest on June 20-21 in Multi-op entry.
Ops. IK2NCJ, IZ4DPV, HB9DUR.Using 3 antennas in 3 directions: Europe, North America, South America. Locator HK76MU, 750m ASL Please look for us, hoping in good conditions.
List of recent spots form Cape Verde beacon:

Thanks for your vote! Sibilla won the World Beauty Congress in Bishkek (KG)

Dear friends Thank you very much ! We did it.
Sibilla did win the first place at WBC through your vote! She is now invited to Minneapolis, USA to take part to “Our Little Miss World’s Universal Girl 2015” July 1-7th

Cari amici grazie mille ! Ce l’abbiamo fatta.
Sibilla ha vinto il primo premio al WBC grazie ai vostri voti! É stata invitata a Minneapolis, USA per partecipare a “Our Little Miss World’s Universal Girl 2015” dal 1 al 7 luglio


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