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EX/HB9DUR bureau QSL’ing complete

As of today 28th November 2015, all pending replies to incoming QSL are ready to leave to HB9 bureau for distribution.

Thank you to all stations that contacted me during my activity from Kyrgyzstan in the past

2015-11-28 ex_hb9dur update qsl


Some news about D4C VHF-UHF beacons

Today’s updates at D4C also available here as link:

D4/B Beacon reception on 144MHz

D4/B Beacon reception on 144MHz


Register and Notify to D4C Forum

We have an update information about our discussion Forum  over Transatlantic communications and beacons
Register , Notify and contribute.

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VK0EK - March 6 - April 20, 2016

I love ham radio contesting


Dispatcher - Firefighter - Skywarn Spotter - Radio Amateur

Coastal Ham Radio

BC Amateur Radio South Of The Fraser


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Speaking about amateur radio and SOTA !

Nicosia Contest Group

A radio amateurs group devoted to contesting and Dx'peditioning


Welcome to the Magic Band

D4C Monteverde Contest Team

You call, We answer


I love ham radio contesting

Our HAM Station

Our notes on the construction and operation of a multi-op Amatuer Radio Station