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Hi everyone version 2.3.12 is available. Just couple of fixes included this
Ver 2.3.12

  • Helevetia contest – new rules added. (TNX HB9CAT, HB9DUR, IK2NCJ)

  • DXCluster line parser – fixed when longer callsign is spotter which

causing non fixed data structure. (TNX RM2D, DJ1YFK)


Chris – 9A5K


Now CQ supports the Helvetia contest 

As of today, you can post your real-time  scores on the board

See you! 

Are you ready for the new Helvetia HF contest?

YES, the Helvetia Contest is becoming an international contest

The Helvetia Contest with the new rules (All- to-all QSO) takes place 29 – 30 April 2017 at 13:00 UTC – 12:59 UTC.

Rules in English available here

There are two main major changes in the Rules:

Scoring of Contacts, Multipliers

  • Contact with a station in Switzerland: 10 points
  • Contact with a station within the same continent: 1 point
  • Contact with a station outside the own continent: 3 points
  • Multipliers: Canton and DXCC country (including Switzerland) per band: 1 point


  • SOAB-CW + SSB + Digital-QRP
  • SOAB-CW + SSB + Digital-HP
  • MOAB-CW + SSB + Digital-HP
  • SWL

The major log software should be ready

For further information please go to the official USKA page:

Swiss Cantons:


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