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Searching for a Kewood TS590G (after 2014)

I am looking for a second hand Kenwood TS590G (manufactured after 2014) as per below description taken from G3NRW website. 

Max price EUR 700.

Tnx 73 , Andrea HB9DUR

The TS‑590 was superseded in October 2014 by the TS‑590G, again produced in three power versions: TS‑590SG (100W), TS‑590DG (50W) and TS‑590VG (10W).

There is little difference in the outward appearance of the TS‑590 and the TS‑590G. The main distinguishing feature between the two is the legend on the front panel above the LCD display: the TS‑590 has the legend DSP, whereas the TS‑590G has the legend HF/50 MHz Transceiver TS-590.


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