• HB9DUR 2002 – present
  • EX0DX 2017-present
  • HB9SUL 1986 – 2002
  • TA1ZK 1997-2009
  • VK4EME 1996-2000
  • IW2EHU 1988-1998

HAM license since: 1986

My favorite contest: CQWW, CQWPX, IARU VHF

My favorite mode and activity: SSB contests on HF and VHF

Some of the greatest achievements in my Ham career: Having build up a temporary station (Field Day-style ) to be installed for 24h operations, with the cooperation of a group of international skilled operators from EU. The team achieved several first places in the IARU Region 1 contest on VHF and UHF bands from 1997 through 2002, using multi systems antennas.

  • D4C (CQ WPX SSB 2015) M/2 All time record (points and Multi)
  • D4C (CQ WPX SSB 2013) M/M All time record (points and Multi)
  • HB8CSA (CQ WPX SSB 2012) New Swiss Record. SO AB (A) HP

Some major activities using the following call signs:

  • D4C, D4Z, D41CV.
  • DR9A, RL3A, IR2C, IR4M, TM2W,  YM0KA, OM8A, EX/HB9DUR, CN2R, 9A1P


2 thoughts on “BIO”

  1. HI Andrea will try to collect datas to grow up N1MM+ CallHistory for the next few days Helvetia contest weekend. By Adam SQ9S i know you already worked about that. Are you most recent file with lot as possible HB9′ calls with 2 letters cantons on your directories ?


    1. Salut Gilles, yes thanjs for thé enquiry and I am happy to help this is a very spontaneous work. You can get the most updated files from the subdirectories on Do you know how ? Is this a sufficient I do for you right now? 73 Andrea HB9DUR


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