HELVETIA Contest 2023 HB9EOU MOAB-CW + SSB + Digital-HP

This year I participated again in the MOAB-CW + SSB + Digital-HP under the callsign HB9EOU

operators were HB9CAT, HB9DUR, HB9EOU assisted by HB9CVC.
The Operating time was only 14 hrs out on 24 with simple antennas just to be QRV: Hexbeam at 5m above ground, inv . Vee Dipole 40/80 at 8m agl

Here the Swiss Cantons worked


access and visualize more than 5 Billion records in the WSPR Database

Data Analytics/Comparison

Thank to this excellent web page https://wspr.hb9vqq.ch/ that collects all #wspr spots in which you can set several wieving parameters, I could notice that my EX0DX beacon was a poor performer since 3.3.23 and that yesterday’s troubleshooting brought positive results.

I am copying here the Help page .

This website allows you to access and visualize more than 5 Billion records in the WSPR Database, reaching back to 2008! WSPR is a perfect tool for long-term Propagation analytics, but also convenient for a quick check of YOUR HF Propagation conditions.

At any given time, day and night, there are more than 800 active WSPR Transmitters and Receivers worldwide. WSPR is the only Digi mode that contains the used Power level in the transmitted Data. WSPR is not a QSO Mode, it is a Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.

Time Period
Time periods can be entered as absolute or relative Time

TX and RX fields can be

A callsign like
IU2PJI, or a Prefix (min. 2 characters) like IU2P% or IU%
You can use multiple full callsigns OR multiple partial callsigns. Examples:

A locator like
JN47kh, or JN47% or JN%
You can use multiple full six-character locators OR multiple partial locators. Examples:

A CQ Zone (1-40)
CQ Zone mapping is derived from https://zone-check.eu. I fear it is not complete, and it might be missing some calls in some CQ Zones.

There are more filtering possibilities like Band, Power, SNR and Distance, they should be self-explanatory. Give it a try.

Spot Limit
The default Spot Limit is 5000. If your search hits the Limit the “Spot number” will turn red. Adjust your Filter settings or increase the max. Spot count.

Save searches and Link sharing
You can save your searches and give them a name to restore them later. Also, you can click on the Link Icon in the upper right corner to share your search with others. You can share a Link either with an absolute (Abs) time range or a relative (Rel) time period.

Data Aggregation
For a summarized presentation of the WSPR Spots, depending on the chosen time period, you can select one of the available aggregations, minutes, hours, or days. Choose your aggregation wisely, not everything makes a whole lot of sense.

Show/hide Bands on Graph
You can hide/show individual Bands on the graph by clicking on the Band legend at the Top of the graph.

What can I get out of it?

This webpage can help to answer questions like:

  • What is the best Band and Time to contact X from Y?
  • What is the Propagation trend over a period of time T?
  • How local is Propagation?
  • What’s the impact of major Solar events to Propagation?

Here is an example:

What is the Best Band and Time to work South Africa from CQ Zone 14? Demo Video

Period: 3 days
TX locators: JG%,KG%,JF%,KF%
RX Zone: 14

This website will probably never be finished and will always have its rough edges. Nevertheless, I hope some of you will find it useful. There will be more features implemented over time in future releases, stay tuned.

Also, check the outstanding WSPR Dashboards at wspr.live

Roland HB9VQQ

TNX HB9VQQ for your work

#ex0dx #wspr

EX0DX activity update January 2022

Dec 2021 – Jan 2022 EX0DX activity report

Dear Fiends,
EX0DX 2021-12_2022-01 log uploaded on #clublog #lotw #qrz

#eqsl will follow soon

1599 qso were made on SSB/CW/FT8/FT4 modes using #dxlog in DXped mode and #jtdx

The focus was again the 60m band as new allowed allocation in EX since June 2021 and the 15m.

For 20m I need better ERP.

The log and stats are available through QScope.org here

Setup: FT450, 100W max, R8 Cuschcraft, 40m: Bazooka at 13m , 60m: Inverted Vee dipole at 15m

 vy 73, Andrea

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