Just having returned to Biskek after an intensive trip around the country, expect EX/HB9DUR to be on the air in a short while for a few hours on from 20m to 40m. I apologise if this window does not fit everyone but this is the best it can be done before our return to EU.

HB9DUR goes DR9A

I am glad to announce that I will be a team member of DR9A during next IARU R1 VHF on September 3rd and 4th, 2016

The team says: We are QRV in the IARU regional and subregional contests as often as possible, from 144 MHz to 2320 MHz (more bands in future). You will find us often calling CQ on our home frequencies:    2 m: 144.392 MHz   

We listen on several antennas so we may need an extra second to find you – calling with twice the call sign is appreciated. We are also online in both ON4KST chats (144/432 and microwave) for sked arrangements. If we do not answer the first time, please retry, sometimes the OP is under heavy traffic.

If you want to arrange something in advance

I really look forward to contacting you especially at the contest beginning

73, Andrea HB9DUR

Activity on HF bands from Kyrgyzstan

23.08.2016 news: EQSL Uploaded


Expect some activity on HF bands from August 7th to 20th on a holiday-style base.

I can’t wait to try the newest Low Band Vertical antenna and matching unit from the excellent company @LowBandSystems  by RA6LBS Andrey, available in Europe through the company Momobeam

Looking forward to contacting you!

QSL routes, etc:






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