2021 CQ WPX SSB contest

HB9NE will enter the CQ WPX SSB contest powerd by only 2 ops: HB9EOU & HB9DUR in the M/S HP category. As the main tower has been recently extended, we expect a louder signal on 20m and especially on 40m. Hope to work many of you. GL ! 73

HB9HQ operations

supporting Hb9hq on 15m ssb +40m ssb @hb9aal station

This year my effort was again out of my region at 3hrs drive from home to reach HB9AAL in Flamatt, Canton FR.

The focus of the operations was 15m SSB and 40m SSB.


Visitor & Supporter: HB9CVC

TNX to all for the QSOS.

40m SSB. Ant 4el yagi + dipole, 1kW
15m SSB. ANT 2el +4el yagi, 1kW
The start
Panoramic view

The end…

Next April contest activity

I will participate in the 🇨🇭 Helvetia international contest next Weekend (HB9MM) and in the 🇮🇹 ARI International DX thereafter (HB9NE).
Both supported by dxlog.net contest software.


CU on the bands