HB9MS callsign has been in the air on major VHF /UHF contest until 2001

Andy’s Dx Group won a number of IARU contest from 1997 to 2001

16th June 2007: HB9DGX SK.

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that I inform you of the passing of Andreas HB9DGX on the night between 15th and 16th June 2007 at Lugano’s Hospital. Andreas never recovered fully from a serious motorbike accident occurred last March 4th. I have lost a loyal and true friend. Andreas, I will always remember you and will never forget the multitude of project we shared and the fantastic adventures had as amateur radio on top of mountains. 73 de Andrea, HB9DUR

HB9MS Hardware

  • VHF Antennas

Cuschraft 17B2 Cuschraft 13B2 – Tonna 17el F9FT – Collinear system

  • UHF Antennas

Tonna 21el F9FT – 25el I0JXX –  – 38el M2 (13WL) – Collinear system

  • Preamplifiers

SSB Electronics SP2 + SP70 Home made MGF1302 strip line

  • Transceivers

1) Yaesu FT 726 modified by HB9DGX  -2) Kenwood TS 950 SDX

  • Transverters

SSB Electronics LT2S – SSB Electronics LT70S

  • Antenna Switch

“Game Boy” 8 RX-positions

  • Home Made Amplifiers

VHF: 3CX800, 3CX1500

UHF: 3CX800, 8874, GS35b

  • RX Bandpass filters

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