EX0DX activity update January 2022

Dec 2021 – Jan 2022 EX0DX activity report

Dear Fiends,
EX0DX 2021-12_2022-01 log uploaded on #clublog #lotw #qrz

#eqsl will follow soon

1599 qso were made on SSB/CW/FT8/FT4 modes using #dxlog in DXped mode and #jtdx

The focus was again the 60m band as new allowed allocation in EX since June 2021 and the 15m.

For 20m I need better ERP.

The log and stats are available through QScope.org here

Setup: FT450, 100W max, R8 Cuschcraft, 40m: Bazooka at 13m , 60m: Inverted Vee dipole at 15m

 vy 73, Andrea


EX0DX 60m FT8 QSO year 2021

381 FT8 QSO in two-nights activity

Dear Fiends,

In two-nights activity I believe I made many OM happy being active as EX0DX on 60m FT8 mode: 381 QSO and 54 DXCC on 60m ! (See MAP)


  • Tnx Jorge CX6VM (CX1AA)for the ODX (and 3 QSO !!) 
  • Tnx Sanders JW4PUA for the ‘exotic’ Artic QSO 
  • Tnx Bob VE1YX for the only Continental America QSO 
  • Tnx Allan ZS1LS for the only African QSO 

Setup: FT450, 100W max, Inverted Vee dipole at 12m

Left: R8 – Right 60m Ant

QSO are uploaded on Clublog + LOTW

Let’s see in winter (Xmas time) at my return to EX what the conditions will be like.

 vy 73, Andrea

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