EX0DX activity update January 2022

Dec 2021 – Jan 2022 EX0DX activity report

Dear Fiends,
EX0DX 2021-12_2022-01 log uploaded on #clublog #lotw #qrz

#eqsl will follow soon

1599 qso were made on SSB/CW/FT8/FT4 modes using #dxlog in DXped mode and #jtdx

The focus was again the 60m band as new allowed allocation in EX since June 2021 and the 15m.

For 20m I need better ERP.

The log and stats are available through QScope.org here

Setup: FT450, 100W max, R8 Cuschcraft, 40m: Bazooka at 13m , 60m: Inverted Vee dipole at 15m

 vy 73, Andrea


EX0DX 60m FT8 QSO year 2021

381 FT8 QSO in two-nights activity

Dear Fiends,

In two-nights activity I believe I made many OM happy being active as EX0DX on 60m FT8 mode: 381 QSO and 54 DXCC on 60m ! (See MAP)


  • Tnx Jorge CX6VM (CX1AA)for the ODX (and 3 QSO !!) 
  • Tnx Sanders JW4PUA for the ‘exotic’ Artic QSO 
  • Tnx Bob VE1YX for the only Continental America QSO 
  • Tnx Allan ZS1LS for the only African QSO 

Setup: FT450, 100W max, Inverted Vee dipole at 12m

Left: R8 – Right 60m Ant

QSO are uploaded on Clublog + LOTW

Let’s see in winter (Xmas time) at my return to EX what the conditions will be like.

 vy 73, Andrea

EX0DX WSPR Beacon 10m to 80m

EX0DX part of the Intl. WSPR Project

14 AUGUST 2021

Announcing the 24h/7 operation of the EX0DX WSPR HF beacon as Station member of the International WSPR Project started, managed HB9VQQ who provides free of charge hardware to strategic location.

The transmitter consist in a 200mW Zachtek WSPR Desktop Transmitter connected to an End Fed antenna covering the 10-15-20-40-80m bands from the WWLocator MN72GU

EX0DX part of the Int

Establishing the largest HF Beacon Network

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