HF activity from Central Asia  

I plan to be active on short waves on holiday-style operation, as Guest-op of EX8MAT


QTH: BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan

Dates: 22.12.15-8.1.16

Rig: IC 756 pro 3

Power: 500W

Antennas: 2el QUAD + dipoles

Bands: ALL with focus on higher bands

Modes: SSB


EX/HB9DUR bureau QSL’ing complete

Last batch of EX/HB9DUR QSL’s are ready to be shipped via Bureau

As of today 28th November 2015, all pending replies to incoming QSL are ready to leave to HB9 bureau for distribution.

Thank you to all stations that contacted me during my activity from Kyrgyzstan in the past

2015-11-28 ex_hb9dur update qsl


Clublog search tool and QSL enquiry

On this link you will land at the Clublog search tool to check if you are in the log


73 es Tnx for the contact



LOTW records updated for EX/HB9DUR QSO

EX/HB9DUR 2014/2015 activity from Bishkek is as of today fully uploaded on LOTW

Thanks all for the QSOs and hope to work you next time!

Station conditions

1) IC756PRO3, 500W, 2 el quad 10m to 20m, dipoles for 40m&80m @EX8MAT schack

2) K3, 100W, End Fed wire 10 to 80m with bad SWR on 14m

EX/HB9DUR, HF report, 27th December 2014


Nice afternoom with 762 QSO mainly with EU over a period of 5hrs from EX8MAT’s shack.

Not easy to log on iPad with fast pileup as the HAM LOG App is very slow in recognising numbers when you tap on them. Anyway it’s better than paper Log, as all QSO are already uploaded on eqsl.cc and it will be easier to process all QSL card once back home in HB9.

Remark: when I asked for split up or down, people do not spread enough, being almost all stuck 5kHz apart from my TX frequency? Why not making split operation more efficient by using more bandwidth?

Looking forward to pull my wire in the backyard tomorrow to be qrv from my present qth.