EX0DX WSPR Beacon 10m to 80m

EX0DX part of the Intl. WSPR Project

14 AUGUST 2021

Announcing the 24h/7 operation of the EX0DX WSPR HF beacon as Station member of the International WSPR Project started, managed HB9VQQ who provides free of charge hardware to strategic location.

The transmitter consist in a 200mW Zachtek WSPR Desktop Transmitter connected to an End Fed antenna covering the 10-15-20-40-80m bands from the WWLocator MN72GU

EX0DX part of the Int

Establishing the largest HF Beacon Network


Kyrgyzstan Joins IARU

Kyrgyzstan joins International Amateur Radio Union

It’s official! The long application process worstend by C-19 is over. I am proud to announce that the Amateur Radio Union of the Kyrgyz Republic (ARUKR) has been confirmed its membership into IARU (Region 1). I want to thanks and to congratulates all people on my side that helped this becoming true (they know who they are 😉 ) Congratulations to BARS as well.

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ARUKR was founded on 25 October 2013 and is legally registered/recognized to represent the amateurs of Kyrgyzstan. As of October 2019 all 110 licensed amateurs in the country were member of ARUKR. 

73’s Andrea HB9DUR / EX0DX ARUKR IARU Liaison Officer

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