OF9X promotes the Christmas spirit on the radio spectrum

Greetings from the Land of Santa Claus, in the Far North at the Arctic Circle. The busy yuletide season is soon upon us, and Santa is preparing his sleigh for another world tour. The old man is ver…

Source: OF9X promotes the Christmas spirit on the radio spectrum


DF7ZS Helmut is trying harder. Go and put LX7I in your log!

After winning the WAEDC RTTY from LX7I Superstation three years in a row, I decided t swap the lonley SingleOP2RUN event agains a small team effort. We will be M/S this year with DD5ZZ, DK5ON and me (DF7ZS) Please look for us on all bands and be ready for QTC traffic! The english rules can…

via WAEDC RTTY M/S @ LX7I — DF7ZS.de

The Turtle and D4C

Interesting article referring to why the Contest Team D4C has adopted the Caretta caretta Turtle as animal accompanying this project.

Article here


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VK0EK - March 6 - April 20, 2016


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I love ham radio contesting

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