HB9CAT Onsite Referees for WRTC2014


Windham, NH
December 16, 2013

Onsite Referees for WRTC2014 Announced

WRTC2014, Inc., host of the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC),
is pleased to announce the fifty-nine referees that will be monitoring the
competing teams during the competition July 12-13, 2014.

A referee will be on site at each of the 59 competing stations to verify
compliance with the rules and make decisions on any rule questions by the
teams. The referees must be top-level contesters because they must
simultaneously listen to the audio from both operators for the entire 24
hours of the WRTC2014 competition.

The referee application and verification process was managed by Dan Street,
K1TO. There were 143 applications received. The selection process considered
many factors, including geographical areas, language skills and SO2R

Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, Chief Judge for WRTC2014, had this comment regarding the
selections, “With so many well qualified volunteers willing to serve as
referees it was simply impossible to choose everyone we would have liked. It
is a great tribute to the past and present WRTC organizers that the event is
so strongly supported by active contesters from around the globe. We know
that everyone who volunteered will help in any way they can to make WRTC
2014 another success.”

List of Referees

9A4M Mate Botica
CX7TT Tom Morton
DL2OBF Heinrich Langkopf
EA5RS Juan M. Chazarra
ES5RY Toomas Soomets
F6BEE Jacques Saget
G3SXW Roger Western
G4BUO Dave Lawley
GM4AFF Stewart Cooper
HA1AG Zoli Pitman
HA3NU László Weisz
HA6ND Válóczi György
HB9CAT Marco Zollinger
IT9GSF Fabio Grisafi
JH4RHF Jun Tanaka
K4BAI John T. Laney III
K4RO Kirk Pickering
K5GN David McCarty
K5GO Stan Stockton
K5WA Bob Evans
K6NA Glenn Rattmann
K7GK Denis Pochuev
KC7V Mike Fulcher
LY7Z Andrius Ignotas
LZ1CNN/T6LG Ilian Lazarov Gadzhev
LZ2HM Andrey Stefanov Sachkov
N3RD David Hawes
N5AW Marvin Bloomquist
NF4A Charles Wooten
OE6MBG Michael S. Schwab
OH1RX Jouko Häyrynen
PA3AAV Gert Meinen
PY8AZT Luc Moreira
RA3AUU Igor “Harry” Booklan
RA9USU Dmitry Zhikharev
RW4WR Alex Orlov
S50XX Kristjan Kodermac
S53R Robert Kasca
SM6LRR Mats Strandberg
SP4Z Wieslaw Kosinski
UA9MA Gennady I Kolmakov
UT5UGR Dmitry Stashuk
UT7QF Igor Syerikov
VA2WA Victor Androsov
VE3EY Nick Lekic
VE3RA Ed Kulchenko
VE3XB Yuri Romanov
VK2IA Bernd Länger
VK4EMM John Loftus
W0YK Ed Muns
W4PA Scott E. Robbins
W6OAT Charles K. “Rusty” Epps
YL2KL Girts Budis
YO9GZU Tiberiu “Tibi” Tebeica
YU1EA/YT8A Dušan Ceha
YU1LA Ivan Mastilovic
ZL3CW/F2CW Jacques Calvo
ZS4TX Bernie van der Walt
ZS6EZ Chris R. Burger

See http://www.wrtc2014.org/qualifying/referee-selection/ for an explanation
of the referee qualifications and application process.


Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

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