Call: HB9EI
Operator(s): HB9DUR HB9EOU

Class: Multi-Op SSB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

Band CW Qs Ph Qs Dig Qs Mults
160: 28 20
80: 105 42
40: 369 61
20: 289 63
15: 73 37
10: 15 12
Total: 0 879 0 235 Total Score = 306,205



Once again I was happy for a new experience with my friends HB9CVC André and
HB9EOU Ludo. Unfortunately, not many people could join me so I travelled 5hrs
on Friday night after work to reach the contest site on the other side of

We met at 07:00 and started to unpack, decide the logistic and start installing
the antennas and the station.

Murphy slightly visited us when we found one of the two PC keyboards broken.
Fortunately shops were still open and André ran to buy a new keyboard and
mouse. Thanks you André for yor valuable help in logistic & food supply!

Generally, our Field day-style station worked well.
The 40m yagi was not high enough thus we suffered in the night hours when the
20m were giving low rates.
Extremely poor conditions on higher bands.
The trial to run decently on 15 and on 10 were hopeless.

The result is below the expectations though I believe the QTH was decent enough
to enable us a better performance.

Glad to receive visits from HB9ODK+YXL and friends.

Thanks to all for the QSO.

Used DXLOG which worked smoothly. Thanks Chris for the lastest implementation for Helvetia Contest.

73, HB9DUR Andrea

installing 40m 2l
http://dxlog.net/antenna setup HB9EOU HB9DUR


Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

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