next stop: Monteverde

I have been rather quiet with the updates on this blog.

This is now to confirm my trip to Cape Verde to the D4C station tomorrow morning, with multiple purposes:

  • Taking care of the VHF section of D4C/B installation with the help of EA8FF Marc. I will carry a 5/8 vertical antenna so that evevtually the 50.436 MHz beacon will TX in omnidirectional
  • oing some WARC QSO prior to the contest
  • Hoping for good 2m conditions and running some nice Tropo QSOs
  • Running the ARRL 10m contest: see article here:


p class=”text_exposed_show”>We’re looking forward to contacting your station, even with a simple vertical antenna!

73, Andrea HB9DUR


Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

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