EX/HB9DUR, HF report, 27th December 2014


Nice afternoom with 762 QSO mainly with EU over a period of 5hrs from EX8MAT’s shack.

Not easy to log on iPad with fast pileup as the HAM LOG App is very slow in recognising numbers when you tap on them. Anyway it’s better than paper Log, as all QSO are already uploaded on eqsl.cc and it will be easier to process all QSL card once back home in HB9.

Remark: when I asked for split up or down, people do not spread enough, being almost all stuck 5kHz apart from my TX frequency? Why not making split operation more efficient by using more bandwidth?

Looking forward to pull my wire in the backyard tomorrow to be qrv from my present qth.



Small report

This is a short report on EX/HB9DUR Guest op activity was successful this time. No power cutout in spite of a short thunderstorm last night .1587 QSO on SSB in about 16 hours

Main operated bands were 15, 17 and 20m.

First experience of being called in pile-up on 15m with HUGE signals from EU and JA simultaneously and USA in the back.

Logged on iPad using Ham Log App which is a good alternative to paper log as I could not bring any notebook with me.

I had a nap for 2.5 hrs and thereafter spend the day with the family.

Hope to be QRV again in a week or so prior my departure.

Thanks once again George EX8MAT for your hospitality and kindness.


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