Manas Village: A place to remind us of heroes

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BISHKEK JOURNAL: Stories from Kyrgyzstan's capital

By Jamala Akmatalieva
In the year 1995, now only a distant memory, there was a UNESCO celebration of the ancient epic of Manas. That same year “Manas village” was built.
The Manas epic was 1000 years old in 1995, hence the devotion of UNESCO and Kyrgyz Republic to immortalize the unique history of Manas, and to share the ancient story with others. The Manas village happened to be the first ethno cultural complex of such value and significance in the region.
Manas village is a 10 minute drive from the center of Bishkek, on the southwest edge of the city, which only makes it better, because the place is peaceful and quite. You don’t hear any noises that a person living in a city gets accustomed to. Manas village is a perfect place for anyone to go and think, as well as to connect to the historical atmosphere that surrounds…

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