CQ World Wide DX SSB @CN2R Multi / Single



By EA8RM EA9LZ KF5EYY W7ZR W7EJ I4UFH HB9DUR; testing new stations starting Oct 7.


I look forward to contacting many of you into HF contesting!

73, Andrea HB9DUR


Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

3 thoughts on “CQ World Wide DX SSB @CN2R Multi / Single”

  1. Has anyone received a QSL card or confirmation from w7ej / 5e5e for March 26 2016 ? I worked him at 6:30UTC 3.750mHz during the CQ WPX contest. Tnx, k6acj


    1. Hello Bill,

      Personally I do not know the QSL status of this station as I operated only once as guest. I suggest to write to Jim if you need his QSL. 73, Andrea


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