9 thoughts on “VHF-UHF beacon on Cape Verde island”

  1. Heard the D4C/B beacon on 2m tonight on Bonaire !!! The band was open for 90 minutes from 0100-0230 UTC May 6, 2015. Report 519, TS-2000 with 2 x 13 element yagis.


  2. Hello Dave,
    Glad that you noticed the beacon reception! Thank you for your message.
    Do you have a record of video available?
    Path from HK76MV to FK52UC is 4686 km
    73, Andrea hb9dur


    1. Yes, i have severl videos. What email address shall I send them to? Tomorrow night looks even better. I am hoping CT stations and Atlantic Islands stations will be on tomorrow starting 2200 UTC. Staions can try direct to PJ4 on 144300, but should also try beaming to D4 and we use mountain-scatter. The tropo is better on the equatorial and eastern side of the high pressure systems. It would have been easy cw and ssb qsos if someone was on at D4C.

      I got 4694 km. What is the exact location of the D4C station.
      Dave PJ4VHF


  3. Hello Andrea,

    Is there anyone who can operate a station tonight from the D4C site?

    The TA propagation is best in May and early June before hurricane season. Usually by mid June there are many tropical waves and storms coming across the southern Atlantic, and they break up the ducts so they do not come all the way across.

    Can the beacon be updated sometime so it is a remotely controlled transceiver operating as a beacon. I would suggest a Kenwood TS-2000 with a RemoteRig, and a RC-2000 control head at the control point. That can be operated from both the local site and the remote site. See my web page at https://sites.google.com/site/n7bhcvhf/files for my ideas on this, but use a remote transceiver rather than the local only old TR-751A.

    It would also be beneficial to go to more power, like 300-500 watts …

    Anyway, a fantastic effort and I hope we can get someone to get a signal on the air tonight. I am also encouraging station in CT and the Atlantic Islands to try bouncing off D4. I will be monitoring both 144.300 and 144.436 all night tonight, and the next few nights.


    Dave PJ4VHF


  4. On the next station upgrade, is it possible to add a 432MHz beacon across the Caribbean?

    Dave PJ4VHF


    1. Thanks Dave for the input.
      The answer is definitely yes, we need to source another 1 or 2 RF amplifiers as for now we are running 20W to EUROPE into a 9el


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