HB9DUR goes DR9A

See you in September IARU VHF R1 from DR9A 144.392 MHz JN48EQ

I am glad to announce that I will be a team member of DR9A during next IARU R1 VHF on 3/4 September  2016 from JN48EQ.

The team says: We are QRV in the IARU regional and subregional contests as often as possible,

You will find us in 2016 on 2 m: 144.378 MHz   


We listen on several antennas so we may need an extra second to find you – calling with twice the call sign is appreciated. We are also online in both ON4KST chats (144/432 and microwave) for sked arrangements. If we do not answer the first time, please retry, sometimes the OP is under heavy traffic.

I really look forward to contacting you especially at the contest beginning

73, Andrea HB9DUR

Team member of DR9A next IARU UHF & SHF contest

I will participate under the callsign  DR9A from JN48EQ during next IARU UHF & SHF contest


Saturday afternoon 70cm planned on 432.292 MHz
Sunday afternoon 23cm planned on 1296.272 MHz

We hope to work many stations.
GL to all participants.

73 Andrea

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