Great fun!

I was gladly part of DR9A Team this year from their usual location in JN48EQ aftre 4 yeras of absence on the 144 MHz band.
Murphy visited us a couple of times before the contest when all was going ok but we could recover.

Anyway we were into the contest and we had a great fun especially on the live score board at http://slovhf.net/en/claimed/

We did an impressive work at DR9A to catch up our gap in the last hours of the contest on Sunday. I am glad that we reached this 2nd place in the declared !

Of course at the end of the contest began to rain and it did not make things easy for the disassembly process.

Congratulations to all and thanks to the top teams for the adrenaline generated this weekend!!

73, HB9DUR Andrea
Guest op at DR9A


Team member of DR9A next IARU UHF & SHF contest

I will participate under the callsign  DR9A from JN48EQ during next IARU UHF & SHF contest


Saturday afternoon 70cm planned on 432.292 MHz
Sunday afternoon 23cm planned on 1296.272 MHz

We hope to work many stations.
GL to all participants.

73 Andrea

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