New Offer for direct QSL to Kyrgyzstan, EX DXCC prefix – (time limited)

Direct QSL cards to Kyrgyzstan (EX)

I herewith offer to manage your direct QSL cards to EX8M, EX8MAT, EX9T , EX8MLE and EX8MLT if they arrive to my address in Switzerland before January 13th 2017

Please include:
From EUROPE : SASE +1 IRC or 2 USD
From the rest of the word: SASE +1 IRC or 3 USD

My address is on or use the D4C direct mailing address.

I hope this may help some of you to get some QSO confirmed.

73 es Season’s greeting
Andrea, HB9DUR

All QSO are uploaded

EX/HB9DUR of August 2016 operation (approx 700 QSO) are now uploaded to:

Club Log

For your paper QSL request see instructions how to qsl

Thank you to everyone that worked us and sorry for those we missed.




Offer for direct QSL to EX country (time limited)

Direct QSL to Kyrgyzstan

23 AUG 2016 news: ALL replies to received QSLs have been mailed today.






I herewith offer to manage your direct 6m and HF QSL cards to EX8M and EX9T EX8MAT if they arrive with SASE +1 IRC or 2 USD to my address in Switzerland before 5th of August 2016 as I am going to visit the EX country and most probably EX8M (not sure EX9T as out of my route) but I can let have them delivered.
Cards arriving past the 5th of August 2016  will not be considered
My address is on or use the D4C direct mailing address.
I hope this can help.
73, Andrea HB9DUR

New low band antenna for Kyrgyzstan

I am in the process of doing something to increase signal performance on the HF bands below 30m from the radio location availble in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

To reach my target, I am supported by Andrey, RA6LBS of the company Low Band Systems (distributed in Italy by Momobeam company) provided capital parts for this projectproject and by George, EX8MAT who is taking care of  the mechanical installations

In the pictures below, part of the inside of the Matching Unit V160-30 is shown.


This units will be applied to a 17m high vertical antenna recently received by EX8MAT George.

The receiving part, is planned to be improved by the use of a wire antenna BOG, Beverage on the Ground. The suitable elements are shown next.

New coaxial cable AIRBORNE 5 and ULTRAFLEX 7  from the company Messi & Paoloni has been purchased.


I am planning next activity in summer 2016, which is an unfortunate time of the year for the low bands, but let’s be surprised.

EX/HB9DUR qrv on HF from Kyrgyzstan

Hi all

I plan to be qrv over the weekend from EX8MAT’s qth in Bishkek.
Starting approx at 05 UTC on Saturday 07 June until Sunday morning.
Mode SSB
Rig: 500W
10/15/20m 2el quad
40/80m W3DZZ
NOTE: 6m operations are difficult from Bishkek city due to a TV transmitter generating QRM on the band.


I WILL REPLY TO ALL DIRECT RECEIVED QSL (the January 2014 Qso as well) during the month of July at my return.

73, Andrea HB9DUR


As of today all EX/HB9DUR QSO are uploaded both on EQSL and on LOTW.

Paper QSL are under development with  Cool QSL