Offer for direct QSL to EX country (time limited)

Direct QSL to Kyrgyzstan

23 AUG 2016 news: ALL replies to received QSLs have been mailed today.






I herewith offer to manage your direct 6m and HF QSL cards to EX8M and EX9T EX8MAT if they arrive with SASE +1 IRC or 2 USD to my address in Switzerland before 5th of August 2016 as I am going to visit the EX country and most probably EX8M (not sure EX9T as out of my route) but I can let have them delivered.
Cards arriving past the 5th of August 2016  will not be considered
My address is on or use the D4C direct mailing address.
I hope this can help.
73, Andrea HB9DUR

Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

5 thoughts on “Offer for direct QSL to EX country (time limited)”

      1. Dear Sergey,

        All QSL were sent yesterday from HB9 by priority mail. I hope you will receive yours soon.

        73, Andrea HB9DUR
        one of D4C


    1. Dear Sergey,
      It has been my pleasure giving this service to our community.
      I will do it again in the future if the situations will permit it as well.
      73 , Andrea


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