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Trial for transatlantic VHF QSO this weekend

Amateur radio are struggling this weekend for transatlantic bilateral contacts

update 28.01.2016

Taken from Facebook from IZ7FLS Nico

Hi everybody.. News from the South of the World.. As some of you surely remember, Pieter v51pj created a work group on Whatsapp some months ago; the target of the group was to organize a challenge for the first terrestrial 2 way trans oceanic QSO on 144mhz. Pieter v51pj is now ready to attempt with the first of his new arrays; the group on Whatsapp is growing and many OMs are now supporting Pieter. One of them, Carlos py1mhz built a long rope yagi in order to make the first attempts.. According to William Hepburn model, Tropo conditions over the middle and South Atlantic sectors could be interesting during the next weekend. Tropo ducts could appear supported by large High Pressure areas and good meteo conditions. Pieter and Carlos will officially start this exciting challenge the next weekend. We really hope to get good news after the encouraging experience of the d4c beacon, received by pj4vhf a few monts ago Guys from ZS and PY lands will be monitoring this trial session.

GL friends!

I post this info from V51PJ Pieter Jacob.

This weekend Marcos PY1MHz will be next to the sea and try transatlantic VHF QSO Brasil- Africa as conditions might be good.
Marcos is using a 19el DK7ZB yagi antenna

Lets team up and spread the word for enough or more participants both sides of the ocean and burn some rf across the atlantic ocean






Partecipazione al pile-up VHF contest

Piacevole contest effettuato dall’auto con log su carta ed una vecchia radio FT726R ed una vecchia antenna5 Cushcraft 5e diventata 4el a causa di perdita di una farfalla di bloccaggio dell’elemento. 


Buona pertecipazione anche se il QRB medio è molto basso. 

Alla prossima !


Some news about D4C VHF-UHF beacons

Today’s updates at D4C also available here as link:

D4/B Beacon reception on 144MHz
D4/B Beacon reception on 144MHz


Team member of TM2W next IARU VHF contest

I will participate in an International Multi-team (Franch-Slovenian-Swiss) under the callsign TM2W from JN37NV (Grand Ballon in Alsace at 1424m ASL) during next 144MHz contest.
Hope to work many stations.
GL to all participants.
73 Andrea


D4C Forum: New board over Transatlantic communications

The Monteverde Contest team D4C has just opener a board on its forum for discussions over Transatlantic communications and beacons.

The Monteverde Contest team D4C has just opened a board on its forum for discussions over Transatlantic communications and beacons.

The wish at D4C is that this forum could become a worldwide reference to exchange information, ideas, opinions, experiences and anything else related to Transoceanic communications on HAM bands on VHF and up.

If you like to contribute,please visit and follow the registration process.

Cape Verde during IARU R1 50Mhz contest on June 20-21

50Mhz Contest from Cape Verde, D4C station

The Monteverde Contest Team D4C, will take part to IARU R1 50Mhz contest on June 20-21 in Multi-op entry.
Ops. IK2NCJ, IZ4DPV, HB9DUR.Using 3 antennas in 3 directions: Europe, North America, South America. Locator HK76MU, 750m ASL Please look for us, hoping in good conditions.
List of recent spots form Cape Verde beacon: