Evenigs spent in QSL’ing (D41CV)

After the return from my participation with the D4C team in Cape Verde as D41CV, I have been spending several evening  in replying to direct QSL received at our  official address: Monteverde Contest Club, 6963 Pregassona, Switzerland.

Number of incoming QSL is roughly 100 pcs and as of tonight, all QSL have been written and will leave tomorrow by Post.

Should anyone require paper QSL and wants to pick them up at HAM RADIO 2016 in Friedrichshafen at our Booth number A1-464, we have set up an online form to be filled to avoid sending your qsl.

Take a look here: Reserve and collect your QSL CARD @Ham Radio 2016



This service expires on June 15th 2016.



Thank you for spreading out the info.




Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

3 thoughts on “Evenigs spent in QSL’ing (D41CV)”

  1. Hi Andrea: just to let you know I picked up D4C on JT65 one night. Made a couple of attempts to make contact but it didn’t happen. I’m on the West Coast of Canada in Metro Vancouver.

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    1. Interesting as to my records only D4Z callsign was in the air in digital mode last November 2015. Other digital activities as D4C are unknown to me. Possibly a misdecoded callsign?


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