D41CV 2m FT8 ready for Transatlantic

Hi everyone,

at D4C there are experiments going on on 2m FT8.
Thanks to Mark EA8FF, D4C station was upgraded in a way that FT8 mode is manageable on remote. We run several hundreds of HF FT8 QSO signing D41CV.
Operators are now attentive to the next days tropo condx to operate the station as per the following information just released:

As there might be tropo across the Atlantic sometimes around next Tuesday onward, D41CV station (located in Cape Verde), WW Locator HK76MU will be attentive to any opening.

Please spread the info if anybody across has FT8 on 2.
D41CV remote crew will operate on
FT8 144.174 1000Hz. 
Power 6 W FT8 GPS locked into a 5el yagi.


Author: Andrea HB9DUR

I love ham radio contesting

2 thoughts on “D41CV 2m FT8 ready for Transatlantic”

  1. Andre and Mark,

    Is the D4C beacon operating on CW now? Please confirm operation, power, and antenna configuration. I am operational from FK52 on FT8 with 500W to a pair of 13 element yagis.


    Dave PJ4VHF


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    1. Hi Dave,
      Good news about you being QRV on FT8.
      I confirm the 2m CW beacon is up and running with some 60W to your direction with a new 5el yagi. The old ones were damaged by the harsh environment….
      Unfortunately, we were yet unable to put into service the PA you kindly donated.

      BTW, Mark EA8FF is strong involved in manufacturing an omnidirectional array for the 2m Beacon.

      So as you can see we are making progress, especially thanks to Mark big efforts.
      73 and GL in the new season!



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